‘Wouldn’t want to wife her’: Man records 2 straight guys in the sauna being ‘misogynistic’ in viral TikTok, sparking debate

A TikToker has gone viral after sharing a secretly recorded conversation between two “caucasian misogynistic straight men.”

The video shows user Drew’s (@infamousxdrew) sandal-wearing feet as two men can be overheard discussing their relationships with women.

“POV: you’re in a sauna full of caucasian misogynistic straight men talking after their workout,” Drew writes in the text overlaying the video.

Drew’s TikTok currently has over 745,000 views.


There are many comments from the men that viewers deemed suspect.

One of the men identified a woman as a “petite little girl.” He also claimed that other men catcalling this woman was a sign that he “wouldn’t want to wife” her.

The duo then speculated that, if this man and the anonymous woman were to get married, their children would be “fantastic swimmers” and “models.”

“It gets worse the longer you listen,” writes Drew in the caption. “Guys like this are literally the PROBLEM.”

In comments, TikTokers agreed with Drew’s assessment of misogyny.

“I am just appalled at this behavior,” said one commenter. “How is this even real?”

“Not once did he talk about her personality,” stated another.

“This sounds like a bad script for some extras in a teen movie,” a further TikToker joked.

“I love how he insinuated he wouldn’t wife her because [too] many men think she’s hot and catcall her,” noted a commenter. “Lol insecure.”

The two men’s apparent insecurity was a theme in comments.

“They’re so desperate for validation from each other,” observed one commenter. “Sexism is a performance.”

“It sounds like they’re trying to compensate for something,” claimed another.

Other TikTokers simply questioned the duo’s motives in the conversation.

“I need to understand why men don’t want to marry a hot woman but will date them?” asked a commenter. “I do not understand the logic????”

However, some argued that there is a female equivalent to this behavior that society has deemed acceptable. 

“This is how us girls talk too… why y’all acting brand new?” questioned one user. They then gave an example: “he was so hot — blue eyes but short. I don’t want a short husband… kids would be short.”

This inspired several comments in disagreement.

“I do not call a grown man ‘little boy,’” replied a TikToker.

“Girl you sold yourself out bc I’ve never said this,” added another.

Finally, some users say that men behaving like this should be told to stop at the time.

“I know in the moment it can be hard to say anything but this type of stuff will continue happening if better guys like you let it,” expressed a user. “Call them out!”

Drew did not immediately respond to Daily Dot’s request for comment via TikTok comment.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/man-records-straight-guys-being-misogynistic-sauna-tiktok/