If you were part of the generation that was introduced to Thursday night as TV’s biggest night of the week, and knew that NBC was where to find all the best shows — or if you’ve just binge-watched a lot of 30 Rock — you undoubtedly understand the power of Night Court.

The Emmy-winning comedy, which premiered in 1984, was a bit like Cheers… if Cheers had been set in a late-night New York City courtroom (yes, that’s a real thing) and not in a Boston bar where everybody knows your name. For nine seasons, audiences tuned in to witness the wacky shenanigans as the magic-loving Judge Harry Stone (Harry Anderson) presided over a courtroom full of eccentrics, some of them in handcuffs and some of them legal professionals.

John Larroquette won four consecutive Emmys for his role as randy assistant district attorney Dan Fielding, who regularly directed his lust toward public defender Christine Sullivan (Markie Post). When it was announced in late 2020 that Night Court would be getting a reboot, courtesy of The Big Bang Theory star Melissa Rauch, the big question on everyone’s mind was: Which members of the original cast would be returning?

Original star Anderson passed away in April 2018, and Post died in August 2021 after a years-long battle with cancer. But fans of the original series will recognize at least one familiar face: As TV Insider reports, Larroquette is the only actor from the original series to return in a regular role (and is also one of the show’s producers).

As more than 30 years have passed since we last saw the antics of Night Court play out, a lot has changed. Dan Fielding has switched over to the other side and is now acting as a public defender and his womanizing ways appear to be behind him. According to Screen Rant:

As the Night Court reboot pilot opens, Dan makes reference to having had a wife in the past tense, though it is unclear if he is divorced or a widower. He is also in a deep funk, having given up practicing the law to work as a process server. However, Abby’s appearance on his doorstep brings him back into action, this time as a defense attorney in her court.

The aforementioned Abby is Rauch as Abby Stone — the daughter of Anderson’s Harry Stone — who has recently been tasked with overseeing the same courtroom her father once presided over.

You can watch a preview of the series below:

Night Court is on NBC Tuesdays at 8/7c and airs the next day on Peacock.

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