‘When people are gonna stop acting like wild animals’: Target customer reveals nightmarish Halloween section inside store

A Target customer went viral on TikTok after revealing the disaster she encountered in the Halloween costume aisle at Target.

In the video, TikTok user Amanda (@enchantingsunshine) stands in the Halloween custom aisle, saying, “I’m genuinely curious as to when people are gonna stop acting like wild animals when they go into the store.”

Then the camera shifts over to the aisle where all of the costumes are in disarray as if a tornado hit the section. Amanda walks through the aisle, unveiling the disaster to her 10,000 followers, stating how there’s “no reason why everything should be thrown around like this” and how it’s “disrespectful for the workers to have to clean up.”

Amanda reinforced her thoughts in the caption, writing, “People are disgusting.”

@enchantingsunshine People are disgusting. #target #targethalloween #targetfinds #customers #customerservice #customerserviceproblems #customersbelike #disgustingcustomer #messystore ♬ original sound – Amanda 💜

The video was viewed over 10,000 times since it was posted on Oct. 26 with viewers agreeing with Amanda about the blatant disrespect the customers have for the store and its employees.

“Every Target I’ve been in recently has looked like this. I think they’re under-staffed, but guests really do need to be more respectful while shopping,” one viewer stated.

“This frustrates me so much! As I’ve always said, ‘it is the employee’s job to make things nice for you, not to pick up after you,'” a second said.

“I thought the same thing the other day in a Target as well. almost all the costumes were in a heap on the floor,” another agreed.

“It’s the disrespect for the workers & other patrons. Who told these people that this was okay? Disgusting,” one user concurred.

Other users who claimed to be current and former retail workers shared their experiences with thoughtless customers and the chaos they create.

“I used to do recovery/zoning & customers would stand next to me, watch me pick stuff up, & immediately throw it back down. they don’t care,” one person shared.

“I’ve worked in retail for 15 years and this is the worst it’s ever been. I’m talkin I’ll be cleaning a section and watch someone drop an item on the floor 2 feet away from me and just walk away without picking it up. It’s insane,” another commented.

“When I worked retail parents used to tell their kids to stop picking things up because that was the job of the workers,” a third wrote.

“I worked at Party City for several years and people are the worst with costumes and accessories. 90% of my shifts were cleaning the same aisles up,” another said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Amanda for comment via TikTok comment and Target via press email.

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