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The White Lotus turned out to be a genuine sleeper series, one of those rare shows that arrived without much advance press and simmered quietly for weeks before people realized, “Holy hell.” Soon enough, the most passive-aggressive rivalry in recent TV memory culminated with a wallop, and viewers were left craving more following what appeared to be a limited series. The show’s officially an anthology series, and we’ll all benefit from this. Jennifer Coolidge previously turned up as a boozy delight, and as it turns out, her Tanya McQuoid will continue that iconic tour as the show’s second season will head to Italy.

When will this happen? We don’t know a precise date as of yet, but Variety reports that we won’t have to wait too long. The White Lotus Season 2 will premiere sometime in October. The show will air on HBO and be streamable on HBO Max, and unfortunately, Sydney Sweeney won’t be silently side-eying the resort’s guests this time around, nor will we get to see whether Alexandra Daddario’s character will eventually come to her senses and drop Jake Lacey’s horribly spoiled brat of a character.

Yet we will see a whole new crop of actors representing the malaise of the (largely) idle wealthy class who can’t just be happy on vacation. Coolidge represents the one constant character in the franchise thus far, and she’ll be joined by Aubrey Plaza, Theo James, F. Murray, Abraham, Michael Imperioli, and Haley Lu Richardson. Be prepared to judge them accordingly.


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