When Is Casa Amor in Season 3 of ‘Love Island’? It’s Inevitable

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It’s no secret that Casa Amor breaks up couples and sometimes results in contestants leaving far earlier than they intended. Although it’s a big part of the show, some former contestants aren’t wild about Casa Amor.

Amy Hart, who participated in Season 5 of the U.K. version of Love Island, told Metro that she feels the twist should be taken out of the game altogether.

“It’s horrible,” she told the outlet. “That’s what I’d say [about] after care, I would say get rid of Casa Amor. I know it does well for people and it’s good drama but as a person living through Casa Amor? No.”

Instead, Amy came up with an idea to replace Casa Amor.

“Give them a dating app on their phone and let them talk to people on the dating app and, after four days, be like, ‘Do you want to bring them into the villa or not?'” she suggested.

Unfortunately for current and future Love Island contestants, Casa Amor probably isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

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