When Did Khloé Find Out About Tristan Cheating?

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Tristan may not be dating Khloé as of the time of writing, but the two are expecting another child together. It goes without saying that the saga of their relationship is still far from over.

A source recently told People: “The baby was conceived via surrogate before it was revealed to Khloe and the public that Tristan was having a baby with someone else [Maralee] in December [2021].”

Khloé and Tristan — who split in January 2022 — share daughter their daughter True (born in April 2018), while Tristan has a daughter named Prince (born December 2016) from a previous relationship with Jordan Craig. Maralee gave birth to her and Tristan’s son Theo in December 2021.

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Source: https://www.distractify.com/p/when-did-khloe-find-out-about-tristan

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