What’s On Tonight: ‘The Last O.G.’ Returns With A Double Dose, And ‘Stargirl’ Finds an Unlikely Ally

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The Last O.G. (TBS, 10:00 & 10:30pm) — Season 4 has arrived with two episodes that follow up on Tracy Morgan’s Tray as he continues to pick up the pieces, which means finding a place of his own. Of course, he’s gotta deal with new neighbors and also battle past demons, all with the show’s special blend of humor.

Stargirl (CW, 8:00pm) — Wellllll, Joel McHale will return to this series as a regular (after Starman’s very apparent death in the pilot episode) in Season 3, but before that happens, the show’s teasing how Courtney will find an unlikely source of help. Could it be… Starman? Also, Thunderbolt’s still being a pain in the butt for Mike.

Supergirl (CW, 9:00pm) — Supergirl’s team is still dealing with Lex Luthor’s shenanigans, and he’s backing up Nyxly, all while emotional fallout abounds for the team. It’s the show’s final hurrah, so hopefully, these foes can be vanquished.

La Brea (NBC, 9:00pm) — Natalie Zea is still stuck in a primeval hellhole, where pterodactyls and bad CGI reside. This week, Eve and Levi and a handful of others discover a mysterious fort, after a plane crash and that massive sinkhole, and man, this show is nuts.

Queens (ABC, 10:00pm) — Following Girls5Eva‘s success on Peacock, this similarly themed series follows a fractured girl group that was once part of a hip-hop dynasty. Now in their 40s, can these ladies recapture their former magic and swagger? This week, Brianna’s dealing with harsh relationship truths, and Jill’s coming to terms with her true identity.

Chucky (SYFY and USA, 10:00pm) — The O.G. homicidal doll is still at it, this time with original voice actor Brad Dourif in this sequel series. This week, the “World Series of Slaughte” continues after Chucky gets sentimental about his first kill while offering a choice for Jake.

Late Night With Seth Meyers — Amanda Seyfried, Rebecca Ferguson, Caroline, Or Change, Atom Willard

In case you missed these streaming picks from last Tuesday:

Theo Von: Regular People (Netflix stand-up comedy special) — Podcasting funny guy Theo Von is actually not a regular dude, as you’ll find out from this set of stories about his childhood and how, as an adult, he does his best to avoid work. Also, get ready for some matchmaking shenanigans, as related from Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

Bright: Samurai Soul (Netflix film) — This anime movie takes place in between the Shogunate’s fall and the Meiji era’s rise, all while a wandering ronin and an orc (who’s working toward redemption) meet up with a young elf girl, and they all take a journey toward the land of the elves. In the process, they must evade a shady organization who aims to take the elf’s wand and use it to resurrect the Dark Lord’s power.

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