American singer, songwriter, and actress Mary J. Blige is the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul and began making music in 1989 after dropping out of high school. Mary has released thirteen albums and won nine Grammy Awards, four American Music Awards, and twelve Billboard Music Awards. She has also been nominated for two Golden Globe Awards and two Academy Awards.

Her first album, “What’s the 411?” was released in 1992 to critical acclaim. She has acted in film and television roles, continued to create music, and recently released her fourteenth album, titled “Good Morning, Gorgeous,” on Feb. 11, 2022.

Birth date: Jan. 11, 1971

Birth place: Yonkers, New York

Birth name: Mary Jane Blige

Father: Thomas Blige

Mother: Cora Blige

Marriages: Martin “Kendu” Isaacs (m. 2003—2018)