‘We had a guy do this with steaks, we honored it and he got free steaks all the time’: Walmart customer says you can replace empty Great Value plastic water bottles because it says so on package

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Great Value is really living up to its name on TikTok as a Walmart customer took to the platform to share his hack for potentially getting unlimited free bottled water.

In the video, T-Rip (@tripsti7) holds a Great Value water bottle in his hand for the camera to see. Great Value is Walmart’s retail brand that sells everything from frozen fruit to disposable plates at competitive prices.

At the start of the clip, T-Rip says he initially wasn’t “going to tell anybody” about his hack but figured he’d share anyway.

He explains that if you go to Walmart and buy its Great Value brand purified drinking water, you can return the empty bottles and replace them with new, filled bottles or get your money back. The policy is listed right on the back of the water bottle the TikToker is holding up for the camera.

“Return the package for replacement or money back,” the label reads.

T-Rip points out that the label doesn’t require a reason for why the person is returning the item. Many labels, like the one on the bottle, specify that a return will be honored if the customer is unsatisfied or doesn’t like the product.

@tripsti7 My little life hack I thought I'd share with y'all! #freewater #walmart ♬ original sound – T-Rip

The TikToker proceeds to explain that you can drink all of the bottles in a pack, save them, and take them back to Walmart for a fresh pack. Viewers can see that he has a pack of empty water bottles that are supposedly being stored up until T-Rip is ready to take them to his local Walmart.

“They have to,” T-Rip said, reading the terms on the label again.

The video has more than 4 million views and about 3,750 comments.

“My little life hack I thought I’d share with y’all!” the caption read.

Several commenters said that while they think it’s an interesting hack, they couldn’t ask for the replacements with a straight face.

“My anxiety won’t let me walk in there with empty bottles and ask someone to replace them because the bottle says so,” one commenter said.

“Most definitely wanna see someone else do this first tho lol,” another wrote.

One person, who appears to be a former Walmart worker, said that the process to honor these replacements involves your ID card. And if a person comes in too many times for replacements of that nature their request will eventually be declined.

Another former worker shared that they had someone do this, but with steaks.

“We honored it and he got free steaks all the time, anything WM brand/ manufactured by WM,” the worker added.

The Daily Dot reached out to T-Rip via TikTok comment.

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