Washington Picked Off Philly After Dallas Goedert Dropped A Pass And Kicked The Ball With His Heel

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The NFL has a rare two-game Tuesday night slate after a pair of divisional tilts from the weekend had to be rescheduled due to COVID-19 breakouts. On one coast, the Philadelphia Eagles are playing host to the Washington Football Team. On the other, the Los Angeles Rams are at home against the Seattle Seahawks.

That first game gave us one of the weirdest moments in the NFL this season. Philly faced a third-and-1 from its own 22 and opted to have Jalen Hurts throw the ball. It was an easy pitch-and-catch to his tight end Dallas Goedert, but Goedert couldn’t quite hold onto it. The ball looked like it hit the ground and Philly’s punt team came out onto the field.

The problem: The ball did not hit the ground. Instead, it somehow fell directly into the path of Goedert’s right heel. It went straight up into the air, and in one of the more impressive heads-up plays we’ve seen this year, Landon Collins was able to secure it for a pick.

Philadelphia got quite lucky, because if this was called a pick on the field, Collins could have walked his way into the end zone. Then again, Washington scored a few plays later, but hey, at least it wasn’t on a weird pick six.

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