‘Wait y’all can do this’: T-Mobile worker says she helped woman find phone number her husband kept texting in viral TikTok

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In a viral TikTok video posted on Feb. 5, a T-Mobile worker says she helped a customer find a phone number that her husband had been texting and calling. Commenters were in disbelief.

The worker, Eliza (@lizzylizzyyy) on TikTok, shared a video celebrating her accomplishment. and captioned it, “When I help a customer find the phone number her husband has been calling and texting the last couple of months,” she wrote. The video received 129,000 views by Monday.

Several viewers seemed unaware that T-Mobile workers could pull up phone numbers, and Eliza did not elaborate on how she found the person.

“Wait y’all can do this,” one viewer commented.

“How you do that … asking for a friend ofc,” another TikToker wrote.

“Really ?” one skeptical person said. “Thought you’d need the owner of the phone present.”

Some viewers had their own theories for how a T-Mobile worker would be able to find the phone number.

“All you have to do is go in and ask for a new chip put it in your phone and bammmm get all his texts lol,” one viewer said.

“It’s on the monthly statement,” another user added.

Another viewer, who said they also work for T-Mobile, commented, “Yea I’m with T-Mobile too … you just pull up the statement online and u can see the numbers y’all text or call.”

Other viewers thanked the T-Mobile employee for doing “God’s work” and called her “a queen” for helping the customer expose her husband.

The Daily Dot reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and T-Mobile via email.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/tiktok-t-mobile-worker-finds-phone-number/