Villano Antillano Unleashes Her Femme Power As A Trans Woman In Reggaeton With Her Album ‘La Sustancia X’

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After the past few years of generating buzz, Villano Antillano released her debut album La Sustancia X on Friday (December 2). The rising Puerto Rican star teamed up with iLe and La Dame Blanche on the LP where she celebrates women and the LGBTQ+ community.

Antillano has emerged as a powerful voice for women and the queer community as a trans woman in reggaeton and Latin trap. She scored one of the biggest hits of the year “BZRP Music Sessions #51” alongside Argentine producer Bizarrap. Their knockout collaboration has over 155 million views on YouTube. Back in July, Bad Bunny gave the rapper a co-sign when she appeared as a special guest at his concerts in Puerto Rico. In La Sustancia X, she becomes harnesses the power of her being and cuts loose with her fierce flow.

“‘La Sustancia X’ is the sonic story of a woman who held back her power for a long time and finally, shows her flame to the world,” Villano said in a press release. “It is a deep journey into the innermost spaces of being, where we find the good, the bad and the powerful. Villana is sharp, calibrated, feminine and dominant.”

Villano embodies that empowering message throughout the 11-track album. In the sassy reggaeton banger “Cáscara de Coco,” she pays homage to queer pioneer La Delfi while giving her props to women with with tough skin. Villano blends hip-hop beats with influences of house music in the hot-and-heavy “Hedonismo” where she sings about living her best life.

Puerto Rican singer iLe joins Villano in the Latin trap anthem “Mujer.” Backed by an alternative rock influence, both artists trade verses about being women in charge and not backing down. Villano joins forces with Cuban singer La Dame Blanche in the electrifying “Puesta” where they assert their femme dominance. With the dreamy “Poli,” Villano shows versatility to her artistry with a beautiful Afrobeats influence.

La Sustancia X is out now via Sony Music Entertainment. Listen to it here.


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