Travis Scott Reportedly Canceled A $5.5 Million ‘One-Off’ Performance In Saudia Arabia

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Travis Scott continues to cancel performances in the wake of last week’s Astroworld Festival disaster, this time shutting down a planned “$5.5 million one-off show” in Saudi Arabia on November 19, according to Variety and Complex. Scott previously canceled his performance at Day N Vegas this weekend; the festival replaced him with Post Malone.

Scott’s come under scrutiny as a result of the incident at Astroworld, in which 300 people were injured and eight were killed as the crowd surged forward, crushing and trampling festival-goers. Scott reportedly continued performing for nearly 40 minutes after things had gotten out of hand as festival organizers struggled to shut down the event once it was clear that a “mass casualty event” had taken place, and both Scott and the show’s producers/promoters Live Nation and ScoreMore have received a staggering number of lawsuits — a number that is expected to continue rising as more details of the event come out.

Among those that were injured were a nine-year-old who was trampled after his father, who was carrying him, passed out. The boy was found hours later in a hospital, admitted as a John Doe, and put into an induced coma; the family is among those suing Travis Scott. A 22-year-old college student was also legally declared brain dead earlier today, which would bring the total number of deaths to nine should her family remove her from life support.