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The last of the wrongful death lawsuits against Travis Scott from the 2021 Astroworld Festival disaster has been settled out of court. The suit was filed by the family of Ezra Blount, who was just nine years old; they were the last holdouts after nine other lawsuits were settled two weeks ago. The Blount family had been one of the most vocal in alleging Scott’s culpability for the tragedy, which caused hundreds of injuries in addition to the 10 deaths (along with Live Nation, Apple, Front Gate Ticketing Solutions, and other subcontractors).

According to the Houston Chronicle, the Blounts’ lawyer, Scott West, said, “The family is happy to resolve its claim against all defendants following the death of their son, Ezra. They look forward to continuing the process of healing and never forgetting.”

Prior to this, pretrial hearings saw Drake dismissed from the case, and Travis’ request to also be dismissed denied.

However, the hundreds of injury cases, which were combined into a single case under a Texas statute allowing for ease of litigation of big cases like this, will still proceed. That trial is set to begin in October, with Travis Scott, Live Nation, and Apple all still named as defendants.