‘To the person that left this cat here, I hope your AC goes out this summer’: Woman finds abandoned cat at her new house, asks TikTok to name it

TikToker Julia Davis was left with a surprise when she checked out her new house, as she discovered that it came with a cat that was seemingly abandoned by its previous owners.

In the viral TikTok, which has been viewed over 13 million times, Davis revealed that upon inspecting her new home, she discovered that it “literally came with a cat.”

Filming the cat, she shows him sitting near a chicken coop in the yard of her house, where it appears to have been living as a stray since the previous owners left.

“I learned from a neighbor that this cat belongs to the people that lived in this house before me,” she says. “And when they moved, they just left him. So he’s mine now.”

Showing how friendly the cat is to viewers, Davis says, “He’s really sweet. I initially thought it was a girl. But it’s definitely a boy who has not been taken care of, if you know what I mean.” She notes how he hadn’t been brushed and his ears were “pretty torn up” and says it was clear “he needs some vet care.”

Prior to moving into the new house, Davis also told viewers that she had been putting out food and water for him, and hoped to convert the chicken coop into a “cat coop” for the friendly feline.


Drop name suggestions in the comments! Bonus-I really like names that are nouns or names that have shorter nicknames that end in the “e” sound #names #cat

♬ original sound – Julia Davis

She then asked TikTok for name suggestions. “He’s solid white, has a very fluffy luxurious tail, has golden yellow eyes, and he’s very sweet,” she adds. “I just need a name for this beautiful guy. And to the person that left this cat here, I hope your AC goes out this summer, I hope every side of your pillow is hot all the time, and I hope your phone charger only works at a certain angle.”

In the comments section of the TikTok, which has amassed 2.8 million likes, users presented several possible names for the cat.

“Casper, because he comes with the home!” one commenter suggested.

“All white with golden eyes… he is obviously Edward Cullen,” another added.

Several other commenters favored the name “Chicken,” because he was living in a converted chicken coop.

In a follow-up TikTok, where she can be seen feeding the cat kitty yogurt, she reveals that she’s decided to name him Coop, short for Chicken Cooper.

But then, the plot thickens.


Coop kitty name update and we have a friend #coopkitty

♬ original sound – Julia Davis

In that same video, she hears another black cat meowing on the roof of the first cat’s chicken coop. In subsequent follow-ups, Davis tells viewers that she’s discovered from the neighbors that this cat, like Coop, is a stray. Although the two cats don’t like each other much, neighbors say that they’ve stuck together after both being abandoned.

Deciding to name the second cat Roof, short for Rufus, Davis is now documenting her ongoing journey in learning more about Roof and Coop. She films her frequent visits to the chicken coop ahead of taking them to the vet for treatment and moving into the home permanently.

Many viewers have shown their support by either donating to the GoFundMe Davis set up for the vet bills or buying things for the cat off of Davis’ Amazon Wishlist.

“You were born to be their momma,” one TikTok comment read.

Davis did not immediately respond to The Daily Dot’s request for comment via email.

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