TikToker Sobs After $300 Haircut Makes Her Look Like a Karen

A TikToker took to the platform to lament what she claims was a $300 haircut—which made her look like, in her words, a “f*cking Karen.”

The video comes courtesy of the @icarlyreboot TikTok account, and since going up on the platform nearly two weeks ago, it’s racked up more than 5.6 million views.

The video starts with her sitting in a car, taking in the totality of her new haircut, and wailing, “I just spent $300 to look like a fucking Karen!”

Then, she has the realization, “I look like I’m on the PTA!”

“I swear I don’t drive a fucking minivan,” she laments, roasting herself between sobs. “I look like I have three sons who play fucking T-ball!”

Then, cutting even deeper, she realizes, “I look like I collect coupons!” She then reassures her audience, “I don’t collect coupons.”

Then, in a turn that a number of commenters found hilarious, she tries to find her inner Karen, saying, “OK, let’s practice,” before trying a bothered look and declaring, “I need to speak to your manager!”

She then assesses, to close the video, “Why does God fucking hate me?”

While many came into her comments to sympathize, some also came to let her know they appreciated laughing at her expense, with one noting, “The way you are crying ur eyes out and roasting yourself which makes you cry harder is SENDING ME INTO ORBIT.”

Another, capitalizing on the manager line that delivered a number of the commenters, cracked, “Start with the salon manager lmao.”

Several people noted she now bears a resemblance to a noted animated show character; as one put it, “In the nicest way possible, you look like Lois from Family Guy.”

She also took to the platform again, grabbing an additional million views in the process, to answer a burning question that a commenter asked:“I need to know what you were going for in the first place? Like how did she mess it up so bad? Not that it looks bad, but you clearly think so.”

The TikToker shared a series of screenshots featuring “strawberry blonde,” longer hair in response.

One of the top comments on the video dishes out some advice for her: “Bestie if you don’t go back to the salon and get a refund I swear. use your karen hair as it was intended.”

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*First Published: Sep 21, 2021, 7:25 am CDT

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