TikTok Woman Has American Husband Try British Foods

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Pork pies and mushy peas, oh my!

A British/American couple named Caroline and Sean have recently been taking over TikTok…or, should we say, FOODTOK. 😋

It all started when Caroline decided to have her husband try something Brits call a “chip butty.”

It consists of butter and chips — that’s french fries in America — between two slices of bread.

And although Americans didn’t seem too impressed…

Sean approved! And after hundreds of thousands of views, it was clear that people wanted to see Sean try more British foods.

So, Caroline delivered! The couple continued making videos where Sean tries some of the most popular British concoctions! Like beans on toast, which he liked!

He’s also tried Twiglets — not a fan. Apparently, they are crispy and have a marmite coating on them.

Caroline also introduced him to Jaffa Cakes, which have a genoise sponge base, a layer of orange flavored jam, and a coating of chocolate. He was a fan.

As a British-born person, Caroline told BuzzFeed she thinks the main difference between British foods and American foods is that American foods are much sweeter. “Also, British foods with milk are WAY creamier than the US stuff. My husband says that British flavors are very strong — you either love or hate them.”

A lot of the British foods he’s been trying utilize bread and toast, like the “sausage butty,” which is sausage on bread with HP sauce.

Jell-O (called ~jelly~ by Brits) and ice cream is another food combo Sean has tried.

OK, so what do you think of the foods? If you want to see Sean try more of the British foods Caroline picks, follow them on TikTok!

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/kristatorres/british-foods-american-husband-never-ate

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