Pink Pantheress blew up on TikTok first, but don’t write her off as a one-and-done viral sensation. Instead, this London DIY performer got a deal with Parlophone and is gearing up to expand her sound even farther past the eclectic foundation she’s already built. The bedroom producer is inspired by sounds as divergent as Lily Allen, ’90s and ’00s pop and punk acts, and K-pop, but she blends everything together to make it her own in the end. With her new single “Just For Me” blowing up and the subdued, white backdropped video clocking in at just under a million and a half views in three weeks, it’s safe to say she’s on the verge of mainstream fame.

Today, she’s announced her debut mixtape is going to be on the way soon, introducing the collection with a spooky Halloween-style cover. To Hell With It is slated for release on October 15 via Elektra Records/Parlophone Records, and will include previously-released songs like her latest “Just For Me,” along with “Pain,” “Passion,” and “Break It Off.” Of her new project, Pink Pantheress said she’s collecting the songs while still working to develop her sound. “I’m super excited to share this project with you all as my first body of work,” she said in a press release. “I’ve been collecting songs that I’ve made this year and while I’m still developing my sound, I’m hoping these songs immerse you into your ideal fantasy world as you listen.”

Check out the creepy cover art below, and if you haven’t heard it yet, check out “Just For Me” above.

Elektra Records