TikTok Launched ‘Garden of Good’ Only Recently — What’s the Game Like?

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To join the game, all you need to do is click on the Garden of Good icon featuring a diamond and a carrot on the top left side of your TikTok profile. Next up, you will want to select which type of crop you want to grow in your garden.

To make the most of the game, you will want to check in on your crops regularly, watering them with the watering can in the bottom right corner. To get your hands on more drops — which likely speeds up the harvesting process — you will want to get the word out there and encourage your friends to support your garden or join Garden of Good. You can also support other users’ gardens and help them achieve their goals.

Although Garden of Good was launched only recently, it has already earned considerable praise from TikTokers.

As Maria Gemma (maria_lynn_92) explains in a short video, the main appeal of the game lies in its simplicity, as it provides users a chance to help tackle food poverty from the comfort of their homes. It requires almost no effort and is free to use — which makes it more appealing for many.

Garden of Good helped bring out some TikTokers’ competitive streak.

“I will be the world’s greatest TikTok farmer, mark my words,” pledged Bob Feeser (@bobfeeser_voiceactor).

A person named Izzy (@lilizzyambivert) took to TikTok to describe an unexpected side effect, however.

“Nah, TikTok is crazy because now I’m going to be obsessing over getting these drops in,” Izzy captioned a short clip.

Source : https://www.distractify.com/p/tiktok-garden-of-good