This Woman's Bathroom Selfie Has Everyone Concerned About Her Bathroom Design

You know how when you’re feeling yourself and you decide to take a pic in the mirror of your outfit/hair/makeup or whatever for posterity? And then you post it online to get those likes? But then instead of getting comments about how cute you are you get a million questions about how you use the bathroom? Yeah, happens all the time.

So, this is Paula Espino, she has a fairly large social media following and you can see why (she’s gorgeous):

Espino posted yet another cute selfie last Thursday, thinking it’d be pretty much like any other, but things very quickly unraveled.

Can you tell what’s wrong with this picture?


One of the first things people noticed was what appears to be a toilet paper roll miles form the actual toilet and so high up on the wall you practically need a stepladder to wipe your butt:

But there’s also another one…behind the toilet?

After that, everyone had a critique. What’s up with the outlet?

Having an outlet as close to the can as possible actually makes a lot of sense to me.

But the toilet roll cannot possibly work:

Espino was interviewed by Buzzfeed, and actually the bathroom is in her aunt’s house in Mexico. She tried to get answers to everyone’s questions:

“My aunt said that she doesn’t even use the rack under the toilet at all.”

“She’s always on her phone for hours since she can charge it while she’s doing her business.”

“For other utilities like the hair dryer and stuff, she does find it annoying that she can’t be near the mirror.”

And according to Espino, the toilet paper is near the toilet, presumably on yet another toilet roll holder that’s not pictured.

She also claims to have never thought about how weird it all is, saying, “To be honest I never noticed all these odd things until people pointed them out.”


Though it’s all been explained, people are still enjoying the mythical qualities of the bathroom. And maybe considering adding an outlet to their own privy chamber:

It makes sense!

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