These Images Of Tomatoes And Alfredo Spilling On The Highway Are Making Us Hungry

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Have you ever driven behind a truck hauling fruit or with a slowly opening cargo door and thought, “Am I about to get final destination’d right now” That’s definitely the thought that went through at least some people’s heads when an 18-wheeler crashed on Memphis’ Interstate 55 during rush hour on Tuesday evening. According to CBS News, this sent jars of Five Brothers alfredo sauce crashing all across the highway, coating multiple lanes.

This happened just one day after a similar crash happened on California’s Highway 80 when a truck hauling tomatoes crashed into the center divider and, according to the New York Times sent 150,000 tomatoes flying, creating a smear of tomatoes across the road. You know what that means, friends?

We’re one parmesan crash away from having a full pasta dish on our hands!

The thought of how these splattered tomatoes and alfredo sauce spills must’ve smelled baking in the hot August sun iseither wonderful or horrifying, depending on your disposition. Thankfully, no one was killed in either crash, though CBS reports that one woman was transported to the local hospital in non-critical condition, and The New York Times reports that the tomato spill in California caused a four-vehicle crash, resulting in three people needing to be taken to the hospital, with one person suffering major injuries. Slippery tomato skins on asphalt are a recipe for disaster apparently, luckily the worst was avoided.

If we can take one thing away from these crashes, it’s that we should just ditch alfredo sauce jars entirely and learn to make our own. Tomatoes we’re going to have to keep, no matter how much mayhem they cause.


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