‘The people needed answers’: DJ Pauly D gets asked about whether Jenni and Snooki actually wrote the note on ‘Jersey Shore’ in viral TikTok

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snooki jwow note tiktok

The iconic letter written by Snooki to Sammi in an episode of ‘Jersey Shore’ has been the subject of debate in the fanbase as viewers wonder if the moment was real or staged.

In a viral video that has over 6.7 million views, Miami-based nightclub Story (@storymiami) provided an unclear answer when a partygoer showed DJ Pauly D a note on her phone during his set, asking if the moment was authentic or a product of the reality show. 

“The people needed answers,” the caption said.

@storymiami the people needed answers @djpaulyd #storymiami #miami #jerseyshore #cabsarehere ♬ original sound – storymiami

The partygoer wrote, “Did Jenny and Snooks write the note or the producers made them??” in capital letters on top of a black screen on her phone. 

The trending TikTok sound by The Shangri-Las called ‘Walking In The Sand,’ or as TikTokers refer to it, the “oh no” sound, was used in the background.

After reaching her hand in front of DJ Pauly D to get his attention, he stepped back to read the text. The video slows down to get his full reaction as he makes a ‘yikes’ facial expression and gets back to business. 

In the comments section, users comment inside jokes from the show and share their theories on DJ Pauly D’s reaction.

“That’s the NDA response,” one user commented.

“Gym, tan, find out if the note was planned or not… duh,” another joked.

“I read a Reddit [post] made by a field producer for season 1-3 on ‘Jersey Shore’ and she confirmed it was Jenny and Snooki. At first, Sam thought it was production and started freaking out so productions confirmed it wasn’t them and it was in fact a roommate who wrote it,” a third user commented.

The Daily Dot reached out to Story nightclub via TikTok comment and Instagram DM.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/jersey-shore-dj-pauly-d/

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