Baking soda is known to remove certain household odors. But, TikTok user @daddybrownn shared how baking soda can also remove such odors from your car as well.

In a video with over 99,000 views, @daddybrownn breaks down the hack.

“We’ve all had a stinky car at some point in our lives. So, watch this video. We’re gonna teach you how to get rid of the stink right now,” he says, standing next to his car with the driver’s door open.

You only need 1 ingredient

“The one thing you need is baking soda,” he says. “The smell from your car is coming from acidic particles, which have a very low pH. Baking soda has a high pH, around 8 to 9, and what it’s gonna do is neutralize those acidic particles and gonna absorb the odors.”

The popular content creator, known for such tips and tricks, then sprinkles the baking soda on the floorboard and the seat. He then takes out a rag. “Then, you’re gonna take a brush or your hand or a rag, and you’re just gonna spread around all over the car, so it covers it,” he states, rubbing the baking soda into the seat and floorboard with the rag.

“You’re gonna leave it to sit there and do its job. The longer you leave it, the better it’s gonna work,” he says. However, the content creator doesn’t recommend leaving it for longer than 30 minutes because it is no longer effective at and past that point. 

Finally, he whips out a vacuum for the last step. “When you’re ready, you’re gonna vacuum it up and the odor’s going to be completely gone,” he says, vacuuming the baking soda from his car. 

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A cheap and effective way to getting rid of car odor

The TikToker told the Daily Dot that he has taken “upper level chemistry courses and know the properties of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and the way that it works.”

He said this hack “will work the same on any cloth material.”

“I knew people struggle with car odors, so I thought people would gain knowledge from showing it in a car,” he shared via TikTok direct message.

He said that while the baking soda is an effective odor remover, “the area will need to stay clean” for the odors to stay away.

“It is a very simple quick fix though,” he said of the hack. “You should do this as necessary! When you have an odor, throw down some baking soda, and vacuum the smell right up!”

Moreover, the content creator recommended a Shop Vac as he said it “is always better for stuff like this.”

“But since you’re spreading the baking soda out evenly and it isn’t wet, a regular vacuum should work just fine,” he added.

Overall, @daddybrownn just wanted to show viewers a safe and cheap way to eliminate odors.

“My goal is to teach people how they can get the same results (or better) using cheap and simple ingredients that are non toxic rather than buying name brand chemicals that are harmful to humans and pets,” he said.

Viewers appreciated the hack

Viewers are lauding @daddybrownn for sharing his knowledge and saving them money.

“You’ve taught me so much and saved me so much money. Thank you,” one viewer applauded.

“Thanks so much for all your tips! Very helpful!!!” a second praised.

Does baking soda get rid of cigarette odor?

In addition, others wondered if baking soda gets rid of cigarette odor.

“What about heavy cigarette smell?” one user asked.

“Does this get rid of the smell of smoke,” a second questioned.

Yes, it will. “The baking soda is the star of the show for removing the smoky smell from your car. Rather than masking an odour like an air freshener does, it absorbs the chemicals producing the smell to eliminate it completely. Baking soda is particularly good for dealing with acidic smells such as those caused by tobacco smoke,” per Strathmore Dodge.

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