‘The Masked Singer’ Judge Nicole Scherzinger Hilariously Thought Rudy Giuliani Was Robert Duvall

Nicole Scherzinger has confused her old white men and in doing so, prolonged our chronic nightmare. The singing competition series The Masked Singer on FOX will let anyone be on the show, from judge and noted anti-vaxxer Jenny McCarthy, to former mayor of New York City and noted enemy of democracy Rudy Giuliani.

During Wednesday night’s episode of the seventh season of The Masked Singer, Rudy Giuliani, who performed as Jack in the Box, was unmasked. Fortunately, Giuliani’s reveal was not welcome. For his final song, Guliani, who helped proliferate former President Donald Trump’s baseless claim that the 2020 election was “stolen,” sang “Bad to the Bone” horribly. At first, the judges who could not figure out who the singer was based on their clues were hyped, as they always are when a competitor is about to be unmasked. But things came crumbling down into chaos once everyone — including a horrified audience who did not sign up for this kind of chaos — realized Jack in the Box was Rudy Giuliani.

As if this reveal could not get any worse, confused judge Nicole Scherzinger turned to judge Ken Jeong and said, “is that Robert Duvall?”

After confirming to his confused, uninformed colleague that the unmasked man is certainly not revered character actor Robert Duvall, Jeong said, “I’m done,” and promptly exited the stage. Robert Duvall is an Academy Award-winning actor, known for his work in To Kill a Mocking Bird, The Godfather, Network, and Apocalypse Now.

Not that it’s important, but Giuliani explained that he came on The Masked Singer because he just had a granddaughter, which is an interesting way of saying “this was the only gig that I, an enemy to my own country, could get.” The show was filmed in January, and Deadline confirmed Giuliani was a participant in February.

Source: https://uproxx.com/tv/nicole-scherzinger-thought-rudy-giuliani-was-robert-duvall-masked-singer/