‘The kitchen be getting mad at me’: McDonald’s worker blasts customers who can’t make up their mind when ordering

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Sometimes the only thing keeping fast food from actually being fast is the customer.

Popular TikTok creator Mario Scott (@cactusmvrkss), who’s found viral success with content about the trials and tribulations of working at McDonald’s, recently posted a video about indecisive customers, and it has resonated with viewers. The video has almost 95,000 views and more than 22,000 likes.

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In the comedy skit, Scott wears a headset and acts like he’s taking drive-thru orders. The text on the screen follows a familiar format. It says “Nobody:” and the party taking unprompted action in the scenario is “Indecisive customers who can’t make a decision on what they want.” 

In the audio, a faux customer makes rapid-fire order changes. Make it a meal; take off the meal. Take off the onions; no, keep the onions. The indecisiveness causes Scott to exaggeratedly pound the table and throw his headset off, all for laughs.

The comment section, seemingly full of other food service workers, really got this one. Several viewers bonded over the annoyance of having to get a manager to come override the order on the computer.

One commenter bemoaned when customers say, “i want the meal but i don’t want the drink.” A viewer said they were vexed by people who pull this switcheroo: “Wait I don’t want the meal with a drink, I want to sub the drink for a mcflurry.”

“Don’t forget the ones who say they ready n hit you with the ‘let me get uhhhhhh,’” another commented.

Someone wrote, “even [worse] when they do it at the window when the kitchen already made the food.”

“Then the kitchen always say ‘stop messing up the orders!’ Like bro, it’s not always the order-taker, it’s always the customers 24/7,” another commenter wrote.

“Bro I literally just make my manager take the order my anger issues cant,” someone commented.

“Or when they pull up to the speaker saying helllooooo. Or when they wanna add a whole other meal at the window. Or just have a bad attitude,” a viewer chimed in.

Scott’s previous videos are a hilarious chronicle of the quirks of working under the golden arches. He shared the difference in workloads between morning and overnight crew. He posted a video about accidentally forgetting a parked car’s order.

One video came for customers who talk too loud through the drive-thru mic, and another took to task the patrons who needlessly hurry drive-thru workers.

Viewers loved a video about prioritizing his meal breaks, whether there was a rush or not.

The Daily Dot reached out to Scott via Instagram direct message and McDonald’s via email. 

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Source: https://www.dailydot.com/news/mcdonalds-customers-who-cant-make-up-their-mind-when-ordering/
New Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OsmaniTheOttoman/