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Just when you thought you’ve heard every conspiracy theory imaginable, failed right-wing congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine is accusing the Deep State of somehow making Hurricane Ian strike Florida to punish Ron DeSantis for not mandating COVID vaccines. Lorraine, who lost a 2020 congressional race against Nancy Pelosi, made the wild claims on the Shots Fired! show that she streams on Rumble, the YouTube of the Far Right.

In Lorraine’s defense, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) allegedly having advanced “weather manipulation” technology isn’t a new theory amongst conspiracy mongers, but tying it to COVID is a wild, new addition.

“These huge hurricanes seem to target Red states, Red districts and always at a convenient time, typically, right before elections or, you know, in this case possibly Ron DeSantis has been stepping out of line a lot and challenging, fighting the Deep State,” Lorraine said.

Lorraine floated the theory to her guest, Lauren Witzke, who’s also a failed congressional candidate and, clearly, just as gullible as her host. Witzke took the weather manipulation ball even further down the crazy field by suggesting Hurricane Ian is punishment from the “elites” for Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Via Mediaite:

“I’m not putting it past the elites to target something like this toward Florida as punishment for getting rid of vaccine mandates or getting rid of child grooming,” she continued. “They are angry with us and it wouldn’t surprise me to find out and, yeah, the technology does exist. But you’re not supposed to talk about that or know about that because that’s controversial or a conspiracy theory.”

For the record, there are historical documents of hurricanes in Florida going all the way back to 1523. We’re confident DARPA didn’t exist back then unless they have a time machine, also.

That’s going to be the new theory now, isn’t it? Dangit.

(Via Mediaite)


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