The Final Season Of ‘Peaky Blinders’ Is Coming But So Are A Movie And Spinoffs, Plural

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For nearly the last decade, Peaky Blinders has regaled Netflix subscribers with tales of 100-year-old gangs in Birmingham, England. The run is about to come to a close — sort of. Not really. As per Entertainment Weekly, the show may be about to bow its sixth and final season. But creator Steven Knight — whose work also, recently, includes the script for the Kristen Stewart-starring Spencer — has no plans of ending it outright.

Back in December, Knight gave EW an update that there were only now allowed to make public. Short version: He’s turning the show into one of those world-building franchises the kids love these days.

“I’m calling this the end of the beginning,” Knight said about the final season. “We’re going to end the series as it is at the moment, but we’re going to do the movie, which we’ll shoot in 18 months time, maybe a little bit longer.” But that’s not all. “After that, according to how the film structure falls into place, we’ll set in motion some spin-offs that will be part of the same universe.”

There’s no word on what those spin-offs will entail, what parts of the world they’ll focus on. Maybe they’ll bring back bygone characters. Who knows. But clearly if you were finding it hard to say goodbye to the Peaky Blinders-verse, know that that’s not necessary.

(Via EW)