The holidays are upon us which means it’s time to agonize over what gifts are appropriate to bring to the office party. Whether you’re shopping for your desk mate, office mentor, or head honcho, we’ve got the best gift ideas for coworkers.

Turn this gift-giving season into a fun one with our guide to the best holiday gifts to get your boss and coworkers. It’s time to get the Chritsmas party started!  

Best Gifts to Get Your Boss

This can be a hard decision, but you don’t have to make it one this year. Our selection of the best gifts to get your boss has it all; sophisticated gifts, gag gifts, and perfectly neutral gifts that’ll leave them patting your back and shaking your hand at the office party. 

1) Classy Notebook for Everyday Use: Hardcover Spiral Notebook

Hardcover Spiral Notebook best gifts for coworkers

This is a great option for any boss who likes to stay analog and write their thoughts out on paper. With blank pages and graph pages, your boss will be able to tackle any problem that comes their way.

The beautiful cloth hardcover adds a bit of style and offers a lot of sturdiness for optimal note taking. It’s one of the best gift ideas for coworkers, and yes, even your boss.

Price: $24.00


2) The Best Way to Stay Organized: The Strategist Planner Gift Set

The Strategist Planner Gift Set best gifts for coworkers

Here’s a great gift option for the boss that needs a little help staying organized, or stays so organized they need extra space, to keep it all together.

This set brings a 2022 task planner and an A5-sized journal together in a bullet planner style. Your boss will thank you for helping keep them on track. 

Price: $38.97


3) Help Keep Their Device Clean and Charged: Oblio Wireless Charger & UV Cleaner

Wirless charger and sanitizer

In these times, staying clean is a huge priority for everyone, but especially for those that are going into an office.

This wireless charger and UV cleaner is the perfect way to make sure your boss’s device stays clean and full of battery. We promise they’ll absolutely love their new desk gadget.

Price: $48


4) Give the Gift of Creation: Brushstroke 800-Piece Puzzle

Brushstroke 800-Piece Puzzzle

It’s normal for us all to need a bit of creative downtime, and it’s no different for your boss!

This 800-piece puzzle, designed by artist and influencer EttaVee, is the perfect way for your boss to wind down and relax. Who knows, maybe they’ll even frame it and hang it up in the office once they’re done.

Price: $49


5) The Perfect Travel Kit for Necessities: Metro Folio Kit

Traveling metro kit

For the traveling employer, this metro folio kit is a great gift to give during the holidays.

Your boss will be able to fit all their gadgets in this on-the-go bag, including their charger, mini tablet, pens, notebooks, and more. It’s a mini office no matter where they end up over the holiday season. 

Price: $55


6) Stay Clean On-The-Go: UV Stick Portable Sterilizer

Portible UV sanitizer stick best gifts for coworkers

Another great gift for the traveling enthusiast or sanitary lover is this portable UV sterilizing stick.

Your boss can take this wherever they go and keep their phone, tablet, laptop and other items virus- and bacteria-free by using ultraviolet light. The USB charger cord also lets you charge the device up practically anywhere.

Price: $59.99


7) Get Personal but Not Too Personal: ‘Script’ Personalized Blanket

Personalized script blanket

If you want to get your boss a personal gift, but still want to stay in the realm of professionalism, this is one of the best gifts to give.

This particular blanket allows for a personalized monogram design, it’s the easiest way to stay professional while still being personal. Whenever your boss cozies up on the couch for a Netflix night, they’ll think of you (whether you like it or not). 

Price: $69


8) A Crowd-Pleasing Sweet Treat: Best of Dylan’s Candy Bar Bucket

Dylans candy bar sample bucket

For those trying to play it safe, this collection of sweet confections is the best bet for a happy boss. Full of candies, chocolates, and coated chips, this bucket will have a little something for everyone.

Not only will your boss love it, but their whole family will be thanking you too!

Price: $75 


9) Help Class-Up the Office: Memo Tray & Notepad

Memo office tray

With this new italian leather memo tray and notepad, you’ll be single-handedly upping the ante on office style.

Some side-effects to introducing this new memo tray may include brighter office meetings, happier acceptance of office papers, and eager hands ready for note taking. 

Price: $85


10) Splurge on Plant Self-Care: SmallGarden Smart Garden

Indoor plant grower

If you’re willing to spend a little extra this season on your boss’s holiday gift, this smart indoor garden is the way to go. No need for sunlight, or day-to-day attendance, as this garden comes outfitted with its own self-watering system, grow lights, and an IOS-compatible app.

Pre-planted seeds and slow-release nutrients will ensure the steady and strong growth of your boss’s plants. Who knows, maybe they’ll thank you with a bunch of fresh herbs!

Price: $199.99


Best Gift Ideas For Your Coworkers

Shopping for coworkers during the holidays is either like shopping for a good friend, or a very distant acquaintance. Regardless of whether you eat lunch together every day or simply share a passing wave in the halls, here are the best gift ideas for coworkers.

1) Switch to Sustainable Drinking: 16-Ounce Insulated Travel Mug

Swell stainless steel mug

Reusable travel mugs are all the rage among commuting workers. If you have a coworker that is attached at the hip to their reusable mug, give the gift of a refresh with this amazing insulated stanless steel chiller.

100% leak proof, a copper wall layer, and built-in coaster adds to the perfection of your coworkers’ new favorite to-go mug. 

Price: $20


2) Stop Shoving Squares into Circles With This Ice Tray: Water Bottle Ice Tray

water bottle ice tray black best gifts for coworkers

There might be nothing more annoying than trying to shove a square ice cube into a circular water bottle opening. For bottle-carrying office friends, this ice tray will be one of the best gift ideas for coworkers.

The tray creates five individual ice spheres that ensure seamless and quick cooling for any circular bottle opening. Thanks to the genius design of this ice tray, all pesky freezer flavors will be kept out for a fresh cool every time. 

Price: $12


3) Help Them Find A New Signature Scent: Fragrance Discovery Set

Malin + Goetz discovery fragrance set best gifts for coworkers

Sometimes we find ourselves in a scent rut using the same old fragrance, scared to try anything new. When a good scent can be upwards of $100, it’s no surprise that many just stick to what they know.

Help your coworker discover a new world of fragrance this holiday season with this fragrance discovery set complete with six signature miniature scents. It’s one of the best gifts for coworkers this holiday season.

Price: $24


4) Achieve Theater Level Popcorn At Home: Fresh Pop Popcorn Maker

Fresh popcorn maker best gifts for coworkers

There’s nothing better than a fresh batch of hot theater popcorn enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

Thanks to this Fresh Pop popcorn maker, you can give your coworker the gift of a mini at-home concession stand this holiday season. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll get an invite for movie night!

Price: $24.99


5) Add Sustainability to the Laundry Routine: Pack of 6 Wool Dryer Balls

Wool dryer balls

Instead of relying on single-use dryer sheets that add to environmental waste, empower your coworker to add sustainability to their laundry routine.

These six wool dryer balls will fluff towels, soften bedding, and cut drying time in half. Help your coworker say goodbye to single-use drying sheets, and hello to reusable wool dryer balls. 

Price: $24.90


6) For the Quick Cocktail Lover: 18-Piece Luxe Bubbles Mimosa Sugar Cube Set

Mimosa Sugar Cube Set

Does your coworker love a good cocktail? If so, this 18-piece mimosa sugar cube set is one of the best gift ideas for coworkers to get through the holiday season.

To enjoy, they’ll simply have to drop one of the cubes into their bubbly, sparkling, wine, coffee, or tea of choice for an instantly flavored cocktail. 

Price: $30


7) Give the New Best Advent Calendar Just In Time for Christmas: 24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar

Christmas Advent Calendar Set of 24 Loose Leaf Teas best gifts for coworkers

While grown up’s love advent calendars, it’s quite hard to find adequate chocolate in most of them. Instead of letting your coworker give up on this time-honored tradition, give them the next best thing; a tea themed advent calendar.

They’ll explore 24 delicious flavors of tea every night through December, and you’ll both have something to chat about during lunch.

Price: $59.99


8) The Best Slow Burning Candle for the Office: x Kacey Musgraves Slow Burn Scented Candle

Slow Burn Candle

Everyone needs a chance to wind down after a hard day’s work. Help your coworker along with this new candle collaboration from Boy Smells and Kacey Musgraves.

This limited-edition candle will fill their home with warm and spicy scents. Black pepper, incense, raspberry, and tonka are a few of the smells they’ll be reveling in as they enjoy this mood-setting Christmas gift. 

Price: $39


9) Trust in the Rechargeable Lighter: Motli® Light USB Rechargeable Lighter

Rechargable lighter best gifts for coworkers

If your coworker is one to always carry a lighter, this Motli USB lighter will be the best replacement to their single-use habits.

Help them stop relying on butane-fueled lighters, and switch to this eco-conscious alternative that will never run out of fuel. It’s one of the best gifts for coworkers.

Price: $45


10) Best Scent Without A Flame: Holiday Reed Diffuser

Holiday reed diffuser best gifts for coworkers

This reed diffuser is the best way to safely fill the office with seasonal smells.

If your coworker likes the scent of pomegranate, mandarin orange, pine, cloves and cinnamon with a hint of vanilla and amber, but can’t get it by lighting a candle in the office, this is the next best way to achieve it.

This reed diffuser will release scent slowly and evenly into the air for approximately 90 days, so the holidays can last a little longer than their designated months. 

Price: $50