‘That young man deserves a huge raise’: Angry customer goes into Buffalo Wild Wings kitchen in viral TikTok

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Someone might be getting a raise at Buffalo Wild Wings for protecting their co-workers from an angry customer.

The video posted by @HotBeeZy has over 250,000 views and over 18,000 comments.

A man enters the kitchen in the video and is confronted by several workers who sternly let them know it’s time for him to go. While it is unclear why he is there, the caption written across the video reads, “an angry customer enter the kitchen and almost got knocked out.”

“Why you back here bro?” one worker who seems to be taking control of the situation says.

In the video, a group of workers walks the man out of the restaurant. No physical altercation ensures despite the heated exchange.

The comments are full of people impressed by how quickly the situation was handled.

“My man has served time at Waffle House for sure,” @Ryback wrote in the comment section.

“Them kitchen staff different than wait staff man,” another person adds.

“That young man deserves a huge raise,” someone wrote. “He protected his crew from what could’ve been a severely dangerous situation.”

We reached out to Buffalo Wild Wings via email @HotBeezy in his TikTok comment section.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/tiktok-buffalo-wild-wings-kitchen-fight-customer/