That Expensive Japanese Moisturizer Has A Very Affordable Lookalike

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It uses ingredients like blue hyaluronic acid, squalane and ceramides to drench the skin in long-lasting, nourishing hydration that can help to strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier and replenish dry, parched skin. It can even help to even out skin tone and texture, revitalizing dull or irritated skin.

The texture of the cream itself is silky smooth and light, so you get all the benefits of a rich, sumptuous cream without a greasy or heavy feeling. Like the Tatcha moisturizer, this one also contains deep-sea algae, which can lead to a more radiant complexion.

Those who, like me, have breakout-prone or oily skin and balk at hydrating products can rest easy. It features a hypoallergenic formulation and won’t cause oil production to go into overdrive. Many acne-prone reviewers pointed out that they’ve had no adverse effects.

If you’re tempted by the notion of a more affordable Tatcha cream, then do your skin a favor and try it out for yourself. Prices start at $23 for a mini size, so you can take this moisturizer out for a spin and see how you like it before you pay full price. Either way, you’ll be saving megabucks when compared to a luxury option. Take a look at the glowing reviews below and hit “add to cart.”


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