Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Got Trounced By A Cop During A Twitter Beef

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You’ve undoubtedly noticed that Texas has been in the headlines lately. That’s an understatement, but of course, the power catastrophe happened first, and in the midst of all that, Ted Cruz departed for a Cancun vacation, and then Ted also inserted himself in the whole situation by beefing with Michael Moore after Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that he’d roll back COVID-19 restrictions. Now, there’s a new Texas-based controversy brewing that has nothing to do with Ted, but stay tuned because he might hop into this mess, too.

At issue (and as pointed out by Above The Law, Texas Attorney Ken Paxton got his feathers ruffled by the San Antonio chief of police because he declined to allow his deputies to be deputized for ICE in service of the Trump administration. Paxton filed a lawsuit to remove the chief while arguing that the office should have prioritized helping ICE if there was any reason to suspect that detained individuals were undocumented, and now, Houston Police Chief Ace Acevedo is defending his fellow lawman to Paxton.

Acevedo went in hard on Twitter while aiming straight toward Paxton: “How much longer are Texans going to tolerate @KenPaxtonTX shenanigans? Suing police a police chief for difficult operational decisions? I hope the court quickly leaves Paxton in the cold like he did his fellow Texans last week during a historic freeze.”

Paxton responded by stating that the real danger is the “call to let loose illegal aliens in violation of TX law.” He also advised Acevedo to watch his own city’s crime rates.

Acevedo wasn’t ruffled and pointed toward the state’s shortcomings with criminal justice reform. He added that Paxton should “spend more time in the state during times of crisis instead of Utah and Florida.”

Paxton responded by basically accusing Acevedo of being an ineffective leader: “Your idea of reform is letting dangerous felons back on to the streets to reoffend. That’s why murders in Houston are up 44%. Maybe you being the chief of police is the problem.”

That didn’t work out too well for Paxton: “As AG, you should know police chiefs have little to zero to do with who gets out of jail,” Acevedo tweeted. “You know, first hand, I have led the charge against letting violent offenders out on PR and low bond, and as a defendant with pending felony charges, you know how easy it is to get PR bonds.”

No further response from Paxton has been forthcoming. Well, it sure looks like we have a winner.

(Via Above The Law)

Source: https://uproxx.com/viral/texas-ag-ken-paxton-cop-twitter-masks/

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