Tegan And Sara Announce ‘Still Jealous,’ A Role-Swapped Rework Of Their Breakout Album ‘So Jealous’

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Tegan And Sara have let nostalgia drive their recent endeavors. They’re currently turning their memoir into a TV series and their 2019 album Hey, I’m Just Like You consists of songs they initially wrote in high school. Now, they’re at it again: They’ve announced Still Jealous, a reimagining of their 2004 album So Jealous, and it’s set for release on February 11.

The hook of this project is that either Tegan sings an acoustic version of a song that Sara wrote, or vice verse. The idea was first imagined in 2020 ahead of a Tegan And Sara Foundation fundraiser, when Sara recorded an acoustic version of the Tegan-penned So Jealous song “You Wouldn’t Like Me.”

Sara says of the project, “When I was done, it was clear to us both that the project was more than background music for the fundraiser. Over the next few months, we let our interpretations of each other’s original songs become more experimental and fluid. It was comforting to live inside of familiar music during such a destabilizing time. Performing each other’s songs became a salve during the longest period that either of us has gone without an audience to sing for.”

The aforementioned sort-of-cover was shared on YouTube last summer, but now, to mark the album announcement, they’ve released it onto digital platforms, so check it out above.

Still Jealous is out 2/11 via Sire Records. Pre-order it here.

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