Take A Look At This Freaking Adorable Letter A Young ‘Jeopardy!’ Fan Sent Ken Jennings

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When I was a child, I wrote letters to some of my favorite celebrities. I don’t remember who, exactly, but I’m guessing Will Smith was in there. Maybe Macaulay Culkin. Probably a couple of fictional characters, too, like Homer Simpson and Big Bird. I never expected a response (I was That Kid before I was That Adult), but maybe I should have.

“The best part of hosting Jeopardy! — and it’s not even particularly close — is the mail from kids,” Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings tweeted on Thursday, along with the most freaking adorable letter you’ve ever seen. Written on loose leaf paper, the preferred paper of elementary schools everywhere, a young Jeopardy! fan made up their own board — or in this case, “bored” (Norm Macdonald would be proud).

The categories include “Hall of Fame,” “Mitholigy,” “Grates Jeopardy Players,” “20th Centhery Pop,” and “Puppy Bowl.” The dollar amounts are all over the place (“I’ll take Grates Jeopardy Players for $301, Ken”), and in the bottom left corner, the child wrote, “Turn over for awser.” The “awser”: “Who is Snoop Dog.”

I hope this kid ends up on Jeopardy! in 20 years. Unlike this Wheel of Fortune contestant who wasted everyone’s time, they’ll have quite the story.

Source: https://uproxx.com/tv/ken-jennings-best-part-of-hosting-jeopardy/