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Summer Walker teased a release window for the follow-up to her 2019 debut Over It this past weekend after foregoing the BET Hip-Hop Awards and now, she’s revealed both its actual release date. Fittingly, it’s called Still Over It and it’s due on November 5 through LVRN and Interscope. Summer announced the project’s impending release with a colorful trailer featuring City Girls’ JT, reenacting a phone conversation between the two from this date, two years ago.

In the clip, Summer is wearing her all-pink outfit from the cover of Over It — a light pink bikini and du-rag — while sitting in the same room on the same phone. This time, though, we get to see who’s on the other line: JT, who at the time, was locked up for credit card fraud. Sure enough, JT appears in the trailer in her neutral, state-issued coveralls — although I doubt her face was beat to the gawds when she was actually in prison — as they make plans for a post-release hang.

JT was released in March last year, but then the world shut down due to a pandemic. Fortunately for Summer and JT, things are reopening and they can get back to those plans.

Watch the trailer for Summer Walker’s new album Still Over It above.


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