As reactions to this year’s slew of Emmy nominations come trickling in (or bombarding your Twitter timeline, depending on which internet neighborhood you are residing in), many are noticing some themes among said nominations. One is that streaming sites are dominating the award shows (for better or worse) and the other is…..that Succession got some really good guest stars for their most recent season. And most of them were nominated!

For the Oustanding Guest Actor/Actress In A Drama Series categories, the hit family drama snagged a whopping seven out of 12 nominations for its various season three guest stars. Sanaa Lathan, Hope Davis, and Harriet Walter all made the cut for Guest Actress.

Lathan starred as the high-powered lawyer Lisa Arthur in season three, a role she initially turned down due to pandemic fears. Davis played Sandy Furness’ daughter, Sandi (yup–her dad’s name with an “I”), while Dame Harriet Walter portrayed the wealthy mother to Kendall, Roman and Shiv, Lady Caroline Collingwood. All in all, a very powerful group of guest stars, who now have to compete with Marcia Gay Harden from The Morning Show, Martha Kelly from Euphoria and Lee You-mi of Squid Game.

Just in case none of those talented actresses win for their roles, the male guest stars of Succession are also putting up quite a fight: former Peaky Blinder Adrien Brody, Famous Starbucks Hater James Cromwell, Inventing Anna lawyer Arian Moayed, and The Northman himself Alexander Skarsgard are all nominated in the Guest Actor In A Drama Series category. Just imagine all of that male energy playing out at the Emmys when they air in September. If none of them win…well, Brian Cox will probably have something to say.

It’s not too late to just rename the whole thing Succession Emmys! Your move, ABC!