Stefflon Don Hops On Saweetie And Doja Cat’s ‘Best Friend’ Remix

Even though the early accidental leak of “Best Friend” had Saweetie upset one night, now that the song is actually out, fans are giving it the love it deserves. Aside from launching the “Bestie In A Tessie” contest to give away Teslas, Saweetie and Doja Cat’s ode to female friendship is popping off like it should. In fact, the song is so catchy that another rising female rapper, Stefflon Don, wanted to hop on a remix to add another character to the friend group, giving her a verse early in the track.

The British rapper is quickly earning fans on this side of the pond, adding bars to the song that flex with the best of them. Strangely enough, Stefflon isn’t the only other woman concerned with the “Best Friend” collaboration — Roc Nation duo Ceraadi also accused Saweetie and Doja of plagiarizing the videos concept for their track “BFF.” Well, at least having a third female rapper on the song makes those accusations less sticky. Check out the new version above and stay tuned for more from all three of these artists — any one of them could take over 2021 with the right hit. And it just might be “Best Friend.”