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It’s been several years since indie rock staple Spoon released their 2017 album Hot Thoughts, but fans won’t have to wait much longer for their next release. While they’ve shared a handful of covers since then, the band officially announced their forthcoming album late last year, Lucifer On The Sofa, which they’ve now previewed with another pumped-up single.

The band returned Tuesday with the catchy new track “Wild,” a song which features the band’s signature jangly guitar chords and lead singer Britt Daniel’s husky vocals. The band themselves described the song as a “a full-on rock song just made for walking w conviction down highways real or imagined.” And the video accompanying “Wild” perfectly visualizes that theme. Filmed in black-and-white and directed by Ben Chappell and Brook Linder, the “Wild” video sees lead singer Britt Daniel walking down a deserted highway in a fitting cowboy hat.

About the video, Linder said it was inspired by their conviction that Spoon is “the best band” ever:

“We were mid putting this video together and my friend Ben asked ‘Is Spoon the best band?’ Yes. Yep. Probably. There’s always something unexpected in the familiar with Spoon. They are mythic to me somehow, and ‘WILD’ needed to feel like a myth, or at least illustrate the myth-making process in some odd way. We used the old ways – crude in-camera techniques – to hit this uncanny western film note. Britt is the quintessential western hero. Had a blast 10/10 would do again.”

Watch Spoon’s “Wild” video above.

Lucifer On The Sofa is out 2/11 via Matador Records. Pre-order it here.


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