‘SNL’ Vet Jim Breuer Went On Tucker Carlson To Rant About Vaccines (And Demons), And All People Did Was Make Goat Boy Jokes

Tucker Carlson has been having a real Mad Libs week. The Fox News host has spent multiple shows talking obsessively about Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend’s testicles. And on Wednesday he invited the guy who played “Goat Boy” on SNL a quarter century ago to talk about a public health crisis.

Over the weekend, Jim Breuer caught the public’s attention for the first time since leaving the longtime sketch show back in 1998. It wasn’t because of some belated comeback. It’s because he announced he was canceling some stand-up shows because the venues require proof of vaccination in the midst of a still a re-spiking pandemic.

In a lengthy, rambling video, the comedian repeatedly compared protecting from a highly transmissible disease to “segregation.” By so doing, he all but ensured that he would be a social media pariah. And, of course, appear on a show with a guy who promotes white supremacist conspiracy theories.

“I don’t want any of my fans forced to come laugh, and they gotta get a shot in them?” Breuer asked rhetorically. He said he’s mad that pointing out that unvaccinated people, who are clogging hospitals in areas that have been resistant to FDA-approved medication, are being referred to as “demons,” which is not what people are calling htem.

“You’re not going to tell me about my body. I know my body, I know my morals, I know my faith.” He then suggested one way to treat COVID is by eating fruit. He also at one point impersonated a seal.

For some, it was just another randomer-than-usual Tucker Carlson segment

Others could only focus on one thing: how far Goat Boy — the livestock-man character for which Breuer was most famous, and who simply bleated every couple seconds as he spoke — has fallen.

Others thought Breuer was looking a bit haggard.

Others remembered that they never found Breuer to be all that funny.

Some had no idea who Jim Breuer is.

Others focused on the strange (and also, by the way, inaccurate) medical advice.

Then again, at least this distracted Tucker from talking about other things.

Source: https://uproxx.com/viral/jim-breuer-tucker-carlson-vaccines-goat-boy/