There’s something odd going on with Smash Mouth right now.

The “All Star” band has been performing concerts in recent days, but it hasn’t been lead singer Steve Harwell who was belting it out on stage. Instead, it appeared to be somebody else who is not Harwell, and fans can’t seem to figure out who it is. Furthermore, the band denies replacing Harwell and is brushing aside questions about the mystery singer.

On October 4, a Twitter user asked the band, “Hey @smashmouth did y’all replace your singer & not say anything?” Smash Mouth responded simply, “nope.” The user then followed up with a photo of a singer, presumably from a recent non-Harwell Smash Mouth show, and asked, “Who is this? Everyone wants to know.” They did not receive an answer.

Eve 6, the ’90s band that has a strong Twitter presence today, got some answers. They tweeted, “ok a couple things 1) @smashmouth did you really fire your singer and B) can i be your new singer.” Smash Mouth responded, “nobody got fired but anytime you wanna come sing All Star with us we’re down.” While the band said they did not fire Harwell, that answer doesn’t confirm whether or not they performed with a replacement singer or who that person is.

After fans noticed the new mystery singer, the band confirmed with TMZ that Harwell missed some recent performances due to “issues with cardiomyopathy and heart failure.” Yesterday, after the TMZ story, Smash Mouth shared a tweet (seemingly written by Harwell) that reads, “Just had some procedures done but I’m good.”

Meanwhile, the band addressed a report about the mystery singer but didn’t offer any insight, responding to a tweet by writing simply, “lol.”

This afternoon, the band shared tweets about upcoming performance in Jackson, Mississippi on October 7 and in Bethel, New York on October 9. It remains to be seen just who will grab the mic during those shows.


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