‘She doesn’t owe you anything’: Man criticized after using TikTok to try and track down Hooters waitress after leaving her a tip

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A TikToker’s attempt to find his Hooters waitress on social media backfired after people in the comments suggested he simply leave her alone instead.

Codey (@codeylegore01) posted a video of nothing more than a Hooters parking lot last month, writing, “To the girl we tipped $200 to in hooters in Waco texas. TikTok help us find her!!”


He provided no further information about their interaction, the waitress herself, or why he was looking for her after the fact, leaving all of those things up for interpretation by commenters.

“Why? Do you think a mere 200$ means she owes you something even as little as her time outside of work? Bc she dont,” @queen_of_gr33nbackup wrote, later responding to someone who disagreed by adding, “That comment just screams ‘I can never get a girl to be interested in me so I try and fail to buy them.’”

“She doesn’t owe you anything,” @gnkbelle agreed.

One viewer suggested she probably spent the money on her boyfriend, while another joked that “legend says he’s still outside waiting for her.”

@its.gabe_ pointed out that the video was taken from the Hooters parking lot, so if Codey really wanted to find the waitress, “she’s literally in the building.”

Oddly enough, one commenter tagged in by a friend claimed to work at Hooters in Waco and offered to help Codey out if he could describe the waitress. She came back with a name and an assurance that “she’s a lovely human being.” Unfortunately, Codey never followed up to let his viewers know what came of the whole thing.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Codey via TikTok comment.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/tiktok-hooters-waitress-tip/