The Georgia Bulldogs are on the verge of repeating as national champions. The only thing standing in between them and a second straight triumph in the College Football Playoff are the TCU Horned Frogs, one of the best stories in the sport’s recent history. Unfortunately for TCU, it’ll take something special to take down the Dawgs, as Georgia enters the game favored by nearly two touchdowns.

This is not, however, stopping Shaquille O’Neal from trying to annoy Ernie Johnson, who attended the University of Georgia and has never been shy about supporting his alma mater. During Thursday’s edition of Inside the NBA, Johnson decided to spend a little time celebrating his team making it to the title game, which led to Shaq — who, of course, went to a rival SEC school in LSU — saying on television that he will eat a frog if Georgia beats TCU on Monday.

It is worth mentioning that Shaq stressed he will eat a cooked frog, which, that was probably implied but it is still good to get that on the record. Charles Barkley got Johnson to agree to giving Shaq 17 points in this situation, although it didn’t seem like he had to work all that hard, because his prediction was that the Bulldogs would win, 45-17.