Seattle’s Live Seahawk Flew Into The Stands And Landed On Some Poor Guy’s Head

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The Seahawks are the rare NFL team to have a live mascot, as their seahawk flies around the stadium prior to games to the roar of the crowd. However, as is the case with any live animal, no matter how well trained, sometimes they decide to do their own thing and when that happens in a stadium of 60,000 people, it can be a bit of an adventure.

That is what happened on Thursday night when the Seahawks hosted the Rams in Seattle for an important divisional matchup in the hotly contested NFC West, when the bird decided that it wasn’t going to return to its handler but, instead, would find a comfy landing spot on top of some poor gentleman’s head in the stands. Fox got a slow-motion shot of the hawk clawing at the guy’s head as it tried to gain sure footing, with Joe Buck giving a pretty great call of the action.

I hope the Seahawks take care of that man, because that looks extremely uncomfortable. It was a good job by him to not freak out and start flailing his arms at the bird and make matters worse, but there’s no way this wasn’t at least a bit painful. All parties seemed to be alright afterwards, but Seattle probably should cover that man’s tickets the rest of the season.


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