Scott Frost Claims Nebraska’s Offensive Linemen Puke 15-20 Times Per Practice, Which Is Ridiculous

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It’s a big year for Scott Frost and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Frost, a former Husker signal caller who won a pair of national titles in Lincoln as a player, took over as the program’s head coach in 2018 after a perfect, 13-0 season at the helm of UCF. Despite the excitement, things haven’t gone especially well for him at his alma mater, as he’s gone 15-29 with a 10-25 mark in conference play.

Last year, in particular, was a disaster for Nebraska, as the team went 3-9 and lost eight of those games by one score. The only loss that did not fit that description was by nine points. The hope for Frost and the Huskers is that they’ll be able to start winning some portion of those games, and instead of a horrific record, they can finish with an above-.500 record for the first time since 2016.

On Thursday, Evan Bland of the Omaha World-Herald provided a few updates about the program. The good one is that the team has a starting QB, as Texas transfer Casey Thompson won the job. And then, there’s this:

Offensive line coach Donovan Raiola is coaching his position group intensely, Frost said. To the point that he estimates there are 15-20 vomits every practice from those linemen.

“It’s not because they’re not in shape – he’s just working them hard,” Frost said. “I think they love it. He’s kind of freed them up to go be aggressive and I love the way they’re coming off the ball.”

So, one of two things are going on here. Either Frost has decided the best thing to do is to exaggerate how many times his players’ bodies are being pushed past the brink in an effort to show how hard they are working and how tough they are (I think?), or he’s not doing that and his players are actually being pushed past the brink in an effort to show how hard they are working and how tough they are, which is an especially reckless thing as there are multiple examples of college football players dying from heatstroke in recent years. Either way, it makes sense to question Frost, his offensive line coach, and numerous other folks here.


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