Russia’s McDonald’s Replacement Is Reportedly Churning Out Mold-Infested, Bug-Filled Burgers To Customers

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The meals being served at Russia’s new McDonald’s replacement aren’t leaving customers too happy.

Earlier this year, the fast-food franchise pulled out most of its business in protest of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. While that war continues, a new chain of burger joints has cropped up to co-op former McDonald’s-owned sites and the locals are not lovin’ it. The chain is called Vkusno & Tochka (which stand for “tasty and that’s that”) and it’s being accused of serving moldy bread and serving up insect legs in its Happy Meals (which are now labeled as Combos). A handful of customers have shared nauseating images of mold-covered buns, bug-infested cheese slices, and burgers with insect limbs dangling from the sides, all courtesy of the Kremlin’s McDonald’s successor.

“It looks like they don’t quite honor the standards of McDonald’s, at least in terms of product quality control,” TV personality and Russian opposition leader Ksenia Sobchak said on her Telegram channel (via Daily Mail). “Today alone, at least three cases have been recorded when burgers with moldy buns were sold to catering customers. Guys, you’ll figure it out. You don’t need to poison people.”

Other complaints site out-of-date sauces being served and video footage of birds attacking a stack of burger buns outside an outlet as proof that Russia’s blase attitude towards replacing the beloved fast-food chain has been a mistake.

McDonald’s has operated in the country for over three decades, opening its first store shortly after the Berlin Wall was knocked down but despite promises that this new, Russian-owned version would be “the same but better,” the reality is that anyone craving a burger and fries will just have to accept moldy buns and bug cheese so that Putin can continue to gleefully commit war crimes.

(Via The Daily Mail)


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