Rod Wave Took A Tumble When His Stage Collapsed At A Halloween Concert In Atlanta

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This weekend, many celebrities got into the spooky spirit as they celebrated Halloween with to-the-max costumes. Lil Nas X’s went all-out, disguising himself as Nicki Minaj, and The Weeknd was equally as unrecognizable in his Nutty Professor getup. Though he didn’t don a costume himself, Florida rapper Rod Wave had quite the scare this weekend when he his stage crumbled under his feet during a Halloween performance.

Rod Wave was scheduled to play a set in Atlanta this Saturday as part of his Girl Of My Nightmares show, a cheeky reference to his track “Girl Of My Dreams.” The rapper showed up with a huge entourage, bringing out over a dozen people with him on stage for the first song. However, things didn’t quite go according to plan, as the stage wound up buckling under the weight of his crew. Rod Wave fell to the side after the platform caved in, but he was immediately helped up by a crew member.

Aside from what looks like a twisted ankle, it seems like Rod Wave made it out unharmed. He even made light of the incident the following day, reposting a video of his fall on Instagram, writing “PIMP DOWN I REPEAT PIMP DOWN” in a since-deleted post.

According to TMZ, the remainder of the concert was reportedly canceled for safety reasons, leaving fans, who paid good money for their tickets, disappointed, especially since the accident occurred before he was able to perform a single song.

Check out a fan-captured video of Rod Wave’s tumble above.


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