The Senate Judiciary Committee released a report on Thursday that detailed Diet Coke fanatic/former-president Donald Trump’s persistent efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election with baseless claims of voter fraud. “Trump directly asked the Justice Department nine times to undermine the election result,” according to CNN, “and White House chief of staff Mark Meadows broke administration policy by pressuring a Justice Department lawyer to investigate claims of election fraud, according to the report, which is based on witness interviews of former top Justice Department officials.”

The sweeping report was put together by a Democratic-led committee, so naturally, Republican senators, led by Chuck Grassley (R-IA), are challenging the findings.

Soon after the release of the report Thursday morning, Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley’s office issued a GOP version, which pushes back on the Democrats’ findings and defends Trump, saying he “listened to his senior advisors and followed their advice and recommendations.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper was “shocked, if not surprised” by Grassley and other Republicans continuing to side with Trump.

He continued, “Chuck Grassley, who in the past has stood up for moral causes and has been one of the biggest boosters of whistleblowers in the history of congress, is out there saying, basically, ‘Yes, President Trump talked about committing a coup but he didn’t really actually do it.’ You have something you called the Sideshow Bob defense.” Tapper was speaking to Washington Post reporter Olivier Knox, who explained the Simpsons-referencing tactic from the season six episode, “Sideshow Bob Roberts.”

“Sideshow Bob, one of the show’s villains, is imprisoned for trying to kill Bart Simpson,” he said, “and in one scene is shown on the phone angrily deploring his fate saying, ‘Attempted murder? What even is that? Did they give out a Nobel Prize for attempted chemistry?’ The idea being, if he was thwarted in his efforts to kill Bart, therefore he is innocent.”

If Trump is convicted of a crime, his punishment should be stepping on an endless supply of rakes. The rakes aren’t the punishment — the exercise is.

You can watch the CNN clip above.

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