As the promotional train for the latest James Bond film, No Time To Die, kicks into high gear, Daniel Craig and Rami Malek stopped by The Graham Norton Show where the conversation jokingly wandered to what the heck is happening to Malek’s character’s face? After Norton pointed out that Bond villains don’t seem to have “much luck with their complexion” while showing pictures of Blofeld, Jaws, and Javier Bardem’s Raoul Silva, the host got right down to it by showing a picture of Malek’s villain and asking the actor what’s wrong with him.

“A lot’s wrong with me,” Malek quipped before turning to Craig for help because, obviously, they were now entering spoiler country. Ever the hero, the 007 star did his best to put the kibosh on the question.

“There’s a major plot point about the way he looks, and it’s sort of important that we don’t give it away,” Craig said, but Norton wasn’t quite done yet.

“Is he allergic to detergent?” Norton joked, which got a laugh from the audience, and Malek who jumped at the opportunity to keep his character’s secrets under wraps.

“He’s got allergies!” the actor quickly chimed in while looking visibly nervous about the whole thing. For over a year now, there have been theories about the true identity of Malek’s villain in No Time To Die, and with the film’s release only a week away, he can stop sweating about trying to hide it from nosy talk show hosts.

No Time To Die opens in theaters on October 8.

(Via BBC America)