Through two episodes, the new additions to the cast and writing group for Season 47 of Saturday Night Live have been pretty easy to spot. James Austin Johnson has played Joe Biden and Lindsey Graham in consecutive weeks, and Sarah Sherman has looked comfortable in the later sketches where things get a bit weirder.

But Saturday’s second episode of the season saw a trio of new writers for the show air a digital short that stole the show on a night where Kim Kardashian and her very famous family took up much of the show’s oxygen. Ben Marshall, John Higgins, and Martin Herlihy, sketch comics and writers that make up Please Don’t Destroy, starred in a short about some very weird hard seltzers that replicated the style of videos that have seen them go viral on social media in recent months.

The concept is simple: the three were in Studio 8H late at night working on the show when one of them decides it’s time to unwind with a hard seltzer. But things go off the rails when the brand of seltzer is revealed: J.C. Penny.

SNL on YouTube

These aren’t just weird companies making seltzers: they taste like JC Penny, too. Ben then arrives with Jiffy Lube-branded hard seltzers, including a seasonal variety pack that includes flavors like “leather seats” and “windows.”

SNL on YouTube

The quick back-and-forth between the three is familiar to anyone who has watched their shorts about, say, a fictional Shailene Woodley video game.

It’s unclear just how often we’ll see Please Don’t Destroy in front of the SNL cameras, but it was certainly a welcome break from more boilerplate celebrity sketches like The People’s Kourt that aired on Saturday.


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