Pillow Man Mike Lindell Is Again Ranting About The ‘Criminals’ At Fox News

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It’s hard to keep up with, or make sense of, Mike Lindell’s war on Fox News—in part because it seems to be a one-sided battle. As recently as last week, people reported seeing ads for MyPillow running on Fox News. Yet, over on Lindell TV—the streaming TV equivalent of Creed’s blog on The Office—the MyPillow found and all-around crackpot can’t hide his anger at the network for their unwillingness to air his baseless conspiracy theories.

On Monday, as Raw Story reported, Lindell was heard shouting about how “we badmouth Fox every night here on this show,” then went on to try and do just that—in his signature, incoherent way:

“Shame on Fox! They’ve done more damage to our country than all the bad media combined because we expected them to speak out! Just at least talk about the, at least be a journalist! It’s like being a Weather Channel doctor and you can’t report tornadoes or hurricanes! You can report everything else, but you can’t report the worst thing: the election, or you can’t talk about anything negative about the vaccines or therapeutics that work. You cannot do that on Fox… They’re criminals to our country—period. Yes, I hope the Murdochs are watching.”

It’s a pretty safe bet that no one in the Murdoch family was watching, nor would they care. Especially since they’re still raking in that sweet, sweet MyPillow ad money. In fact, it could be the case that only a few dozen people, total, were watching Lindell at all.

More importantly: Weather Channel doctors?!

You can watch the insanity below.

(Via Raw Story)

Source: https://uproxx.com/viral/mypillow-mike-lindell-fox-news-criminals/