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“Marriage seems to really benefit only men. Studies show that married men live longer than single men, but the reverse is true for women — marriage shortens a woman’s lifespan. There was even a study that showed men sleep better next to their wives, and again, the reverse is true for women. Why would I want to take part in marriage knowing that?”

“Plus, I’ve seen the struggle of my mother and older sisters with their husbands, who expect them to do the large majority of the housework and child-rearing while still working full time. Meanwhile, their husbands come home from work and do nothing. It just seems like marriage adds way more work to a woman’s life, and I can’t see that it provides any benefits. It’s a no from me.”


“I used to dream of getting married and spending my life with one person forever, but then I took a look at all the marriages around me, and it seemed as if the women were miserable, even if they denied it. It’s as if their light has been snuffed out, and I don’t want that to happen to me.”

—Kitten Claw


Share - Shperndaje

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